How Can You Stand out as a Blogger or Writer?

How Can You Stand out as a Blogger or Writer?

By Azuka Onwuka

I will tell you.

Trust me when I say so.

When you produce an article that goes viral once, you could be called lucky. When you produce a second post that goes viral, that could be a coincidence. But when you produce such a viral post the third, fourth, fifth, sixth time and more, it sure must go beyond luck. It becomes tradition. There must be something you know and do differently.

You have probably watched many so-called experts on TV or listened to them on radio with the feeling that you know better than these guys. Your problem is just that you have not been exposed. You don’t have a name that rings a bell, a name that opens door. No problem.

You can create such a name by concentrating on one aspect of life, reading about it deeply and writing exciting pieces that wow your readers.

But mind you, nobody wants to do you the favour of making you a star. It’s your call. Yours alone.

Most of those who know you don’t want to get that feeling that you want to be a star. How can you be a star? Is it not Gideon with the rabbit’s ears? Gideon that picked his nose in school and just passed his exams by the whiskers! Is it not Agatha with the fat cheeks? Ugly Agatha that no guy wanted to date? Star ko, Gulder ni!

So you want to have a blog and, like Caesar, bestride the narrow world like a Colossus for petty men to walk under your huge legs and peep and search for their miserable graves? What cheek!

Your pals want to be friends with you on social media: they don’t want to “follow” you. You be Jesus? You be Beyonce? Abegi!

As the owner of a blog or page, every subscriber or “like” you get must be earned. It’s no favour.

So don’t kid yourself that people give a bleeping hoot about your little blog or poor articles or book. They don’t! The earlier you get this into your head, the better for your heart.

The never-failing secret of attracting readers
However, readers will care if you do the right thing, just as you care to read this “so long a letter”! You only need to learn the art of seduction. And do it like a Delilah! Entice them; flirt with them. And once they look in, bingo: ensnare them! Cuddle them. Caress them. Massage them. Take them on a journey filled with hills and valleys. Make them pant, scream, and moan. Make them glide sometimes and gallop other times. Take them to the peak. And then bring them to a screeching halt, gasping for breath. Aaah!

They will love the experience. They will remember it for long. They will hanker for more and ask for more. They will stay with you. And they will tell their family and friends how sweet you are.

Even celebrities that would have turned you down before would gladly share your posts on their blogs or walls. Some would even ask you to be a guest contributor to their blogs, even though they could have rejected you and denied you the same request some months back.

How can you do this: not once, not twice, but always, every time, all the time?

It is not just by being a good writer. No. There are many good writers.

It’s by knowing the secrets. Knowing the secrets will give you the edge. These secrets have worked for all great bloggers and writers. They will be delivered to you in forms that you can keep by your bedside or in your laptop or phone and refer to regularly. Whenever you want to write, you can bring them out and add them in all the necessary parts of your article. The results you will get will be like magic. Always. You will no longer write and be ignored. You will start writing and seeing results. You will even start making money from writing and blogging. You will become an authority to be listened to.

There is nothing as satisfying as writing and being read far and wide. There is nothing as satisfying as writing and touching lives.

Isn’t that what you want?

We are here to share the secrets of magnetic writing and blogging with you.

And it is free … absolutely free.

All you have to do is hook up with this blog. We do nothing here except giving you tips on effective blogging/writing as well as giving you practical examples of magnetic writing that you can imitate.

Welcome to WritersWarRoom.

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