How Not to Be Another Mediocre Blogger or Writer

Just say it, even if to yourself alone. You want to be a super traffic-pulling blogger or writer.

You want your posts and articles to go viral always.

You want advertisers milling around you like bees swarm around a honeycomb. You long for the cheques. You love to be on every lip.

You see some other bloggers getting fame and making money.
But what about you? You have laboured for months – even years – uploading stories on your blog, pasting the intro to different Facebook forums with a link to your blog. You heard that sex stories draw traffic. You have added many sex stories and pictures. You heard that Nigerians love blood and gory scenes. So you’ve shown pictures of mangled limbs; you’ve paraded ritualists holding the head of their victim in their hands.
Yet every time you sign in, hoping to see a miracle on your blog, but no show! You see one or two comments. Or even none at all. Views are as meagre as the food of an orphan.

What else should you do to draw traffic? What else should you do to make readers look your way? Should you undress and post your nude pictures on your blog for them?         Haba! You wonder: Why are you so unlucky? Or maybe it is an uncle in your village working against you!

But then your story may be slightly different. You may be the content-focused blogger. You’ve heard many experts say: “Feed them with information, and they will come. Nothing sells like content!”

So you labour to research and research. Then you write, feeding your audience with information. Then you recline and wait. I got ya now, you think. You wait for them to come trooping in to lap up your content.

But no real change.

The more you slave, the more you see little or no result.

Be patient, some tell you.

The patient dog eats the fattest bone, others say.

Rome was not built in a day, they add.

Bla bla bla!

Soon, days become weeks. Weeks turn to months. Months slide into years. Nothing happens. It’s still you and your poor little blog.

Phew! What luck!

Do you want some naked truth; some honesty that those around you will never tell you? Okay. Here is it.

You are wasting your time!

Phew! Did I just tell you that? Yes, I did. Pardon my bad manners! Please slap me, if that will make you happy. But you need some truth to jerk you out of that daydream.

Your poor little blog will never become the bomb that you desire!

But why should it?

Why your blog draws so low traffic

Look around you? Count how many blogs you see posting the news of the day copied from The Punch, Vanguard, Sahara Reporters, etc. Have you seen up to 100? For every 100 you see, there are another 1000.

Who wants to read copied news when the original is just a click away?

Okay, you are a content freak. Why should busy people spend 20 minutes of their precious life reading your intelligent but taxing post? They aren’t studying for an exam, you know. There are hundreds of sites to read from. Yours is only a speck in that mass. It is worse that your name rings no bell like Chinua Achebe.

Even when readers see a headline that looks promising and graciously click on it, don’t assume they will start reading the whole piece. No. Readers have become smarter.

They first of all want to confirm that the write-up will be worth their while. How do they confirm that? By scanning.

Between 10 and 20 seconds they scan through your article.  A maximum of 20 seconds! That’s all the chance you’ve got. And you better appeal to them within that period. If not, click! And they are off your blog. You’ve lost them. Since they’ve not read your article, they will not comment on it. They will not share it. They will not click on the like button. They will not tell any of their friends about it. They will not come back. They will not sign on to receive your newsletter. You won’t be able to sell anything to them.

Have you seen why your blog is stagnant? Have you seen all you’ve lost?

So why do some bloggers continue to get high traffic even though they are doing the same thing you are doing? It’s simple. It’s called the first-mover advantage. Coca-Cola is not the best tasting cola drink in the market, neither is Guinness Foreign Extra Stout the best stout in town.

If some popular bloggers were to start a new blog today with a new name, doing the same thing they are doing on their current blogs, they would be so unnoticed that they would be depressed. No jokes.

So should bloggers of today stop wasting their time because the blogging positions are all taken? By no means!

The truth is that in spite of the glut in the blogosphere, there are still opportunities for remarkable bloggers.

That is why Writers War Room is here to help you overcome your blogging problems. and help you succeed as a blogger. Regularly we will provide you with practical steps to make you excel as a blogger or a writer.

Just stay connected.


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