Nigerian Lives Matter Too

Nigerian Lives Matter Too

By Azuka Onwuka


That the police are killing Blacks in the US is tragic and terrible. But that some 500 Shia Muslims and dozens of IPOB demonstrators were shot in the back (as noted by Amnesty International – a sign that they were shot while they were fleeing), yet many Nigerians were not horrified but are busy condemning the US shootings is both horrifying and hypocritical.

American blood is not more important than Nigerian blood.

The American police and military don’t open fire on unarmed demonstrators. When one American or Briton is killed by the police, the citizens register their displeasure.

But for many Nigerians to keep quiet or justify the cold-blooded killing of unarmed citizens because they share different religious, ethnic or political leaning, and jump around as purveyors of justice when an American is killed is the height of hypocrisy and insensitivity.

Charity always begins at home.

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