Whose Name Should be on Documents of Property of Couples?



Whose Name Should Be on Documents of Property of Couples?

By Azuka Onwuka

Whose name should be on the title of property or major investment made by a married couple?

Should it be:

1. Mr Azuka Onwuka

2. Mr and Mrs Azuka Onwuka

3. Mr Azuka Onwuka and Mrs Nnenna Onwuka

It does not matter if the property was paid for 100% by Mr Azuka Onwuka; having only “Mr Azuka Onwuka” on the title because there is “trust and love” between us today is foolish, selfish and myopic. Nobody prays for sad tales, but a wise man plans his family well so that there will be no problems in his household after he has gone to rest.

If Azuka Onwuka starts running after another “sugar in his tea” tomorrow, or he is from a family that has a PhD in the art of kicking out wives and grabbing property (especially where there is no will), the woman loses everything, sometimes with her children.

If the title bears “Mr and Mrs Azuka Onwuka,” the woman should not be deceived: her name is not on the title of the property. Any woman Azuka Onwuka marries tomorrow automatically becomes Mrs Azuka Onwuka and the owner of that land/property/investment.

If the title bears “Mr Azuka Onwuka and Mrs Nnenna Onwuka,” then the woman is a joint-owner. No family member can deny her and her children of the property in future. And even when Azuka Onwuka is 60 years old and an 18-year-old “baby oku” starts caressing his fat tummy, calling him “my baby” in the process, and Azuka Onwuka decides that the wife of his youth has become “old cargo” that should be “disposed of,” an enemy will not reap the fruits of the labour of the wife of Azuka Onwuka’s youth, with whom he built his family and wealth.

Another advantage of this third option is that during disagreements, Azuka Onwuka will not be fond of telling his wife: “I will send you out of MY house,” because he knows that the house documents show that the house is not “his” house but “our” house, even if he built the house 100% with “his” money (although in true marriages, every kobo made by the man or his wife is no longer “my money” but “family money”).

“So what happens if love goes sour tomorrow and the two divorce?” some would ask. “That means the woman will take my hard-earned property to another man? Never!”

So your plan is that if you divorce in future, she will leave penniless? That is callous! I thought you said you loved her when you married her? If you part ways in future, both of you should share whatever is your property, shake hands and say “goodbye; it was nice knowing you”! Must you make her suffer because of divorce? Nah nah nah!

“But what if she kills me and takes my property away to her lover?” some would still ask. If you believe that your wife CAN kill you, then you have no business being married to her. Killing you is the easiest thing your wife can do, if she wants to do it.

But for me, one silent advantage of putting both my name and my wife’s name in any investment made is that it helps me to feel that I am tying myself to her and she to me on a daily basis. We are silently telling each other: “Whatever happens in this marriage, we will sink or float together!” Divorce becomes a no-no.

Life is unpredictable. Human beings are unpredictable. Today’s “darling” may become tomorrow’s “wicked man/woman” or “useless idiot”. So if you are a man and still doing it the old way, please reconsider it. And if you are a woman just banking on hope, don’t shout, “It is not my portion;” rather please “shine ya eye”: gently and sweetly talk things over with your sweetheart.

Good luck!


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