Infidelity: Who Are the Hypocrites?

Nwasom De Harvest
Nwasom De Harvest

Infidelity: Who Are the Hypocrites?

By Nwasom De Harvest

Chukwudi: I will send my wife back to her parents house if she refuses to greet me in the morning.

Prisca: Send her back jor. What a rude woman!

Ngozi: There are many women who will take her place. Send her back to learn some manners.

Emeke: I cannot tolerate such nonsense from my wife.

Grace: Emeke abioo! I don’t know how men tolerate such. I will send my sister in-law packing if she tries that nonsense with my brother.


Karen: My husband is cheating on me. He has impregnated two different women. He also beats me.

Prisca: Don’t let the strange woman win. You must fight for your marriage. Why do you always annoy him?

Ngozi: I recommend the movie War Room. Remember that husband is king. You need to pray until something happens. Go on your knees and pray.

Emeke: Men are polygamous by nature. Maybe you are not doing something. Stop talking too much and he won’t beat you again.

Ruth: I don’t think I can tolerate that. I will just divorce him. Beating and cheating is just too much.

Grace does a YouTube video or Facebook live video telling young girls to avoid people like Ruth who say they cannot tolerate that from their husband but do the opposite at home. She even tolerates worse from her husband’s she says.

The same Grace saw Emeke’s comment saying he could not tolerate a woman that does not great him in the morning and did not make any video telling men to avoid people like Emeke that say one thing but do another.

This brings me to the topic of hypocrisy that people keep shouting about. People who say they will walk away from horrible situations are called names like hypocrites, while other women and men who are hypocrites, liars and pretenders are called humble.

Okay let’s look at these scenarios.

Chuks cleans and cooks for the home when there is nobody around. As soon as there is a friend or other people around, he won’t do it so that he is not seen as a weakling. This is common in Nigeria. Our system supports that.

Nneka is the bread winner of the house but she must pretend it’s the husband that is the bread winner. She buys things and says her husband bought them. At events, she gives the husband money which he pledges as if it came out of his pocket. Our society says this is okay. Nneka is a humble woman.

Nneka and Chuks are hypocrites too but it is acceptable. Then they come online to call women who say they will walk away from bad situations hypocrites. They are the first to say such women are liars even though they don’t follow these women home. They project their hypocrisy on others. They think others are living a lie like they do.

Just so you know, women are divorcing cheating partners and men who are violent. Do some research people and see for yourself.


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