It Takes Two to Make a Baby

It Takes Two to Make a Baby

By Olubunmi Ajai Layode

Olubunmi Ajai Layode
Olubunmi Ajai Layode

I used to have a toaster (in my single days). He was a loving devoted father but his marriage had broken up. And his estranged wife, as a lot of (bitter) women tend to do, denied him access to the children. Fortunately for him, the children were around age 10 upwards.

What the estranged wife did not know was that whenever she sent the kids to the shops to do grocery shopping, the kids would quickly send their dad a text message, telling him where they would be in the next half hour, and they would meet up at the Tesco…MacDonalds…

They would quickly would do the shopping together with their dad or have a meal together, return home and their mum would be none the wiser about what had gone on.

Sisters, if he is a good father, and is responsible and loving towards his children, please do NOT deny him access to the kids. You did not self-fertilize yourself, so, why deny the other party to the fertilization access to the product of the joint fertilization?

Why deny your child(ren) a chance to be loved by a loving dad?

I know someone whose ex fed their son horrible lies about the ex husband. And for years, the boy did not want to know about his father until one day, the son decided to hear from the other side.

The boy, now a teenager, looked for a way of getting his dad’s telephone number without his mum knowing and having gotten it, placed a surprise call to his dad. He does not live in the same country as his dad. Without telling his mum or his dad, he bought a ticket and boarded a flight to see his dad. He then called his dad when he arrived at the dad’s country of residence. The son wanted to know his paternal relatives and father and son became tight.

Sister, there is a God and you are not him. Don’t play God with the emotions and lives of other human beings. If he is not a dangerous dad, or an irresponsible dad, please do NOT deny him access to his kids.

A man can be a shait husband but a loving father.

Please do not take your hurt out on the children. It will be to your embarrassment if you find out that they have become tight with their dad without you knowing.

Live a little (or a lot), sister; let them spend time together. You too have some ‘me time’ to yourself; you deserve it.

Don’t let bitterness and anger cloud your reasoning. You will get over the pain if you let go of it.

Children are not pawns to be used in a ‘do me I do you’ game.

Men hurt too.

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